10 KEYS to Fitness



Jake Nash


No, unless you live in a certain midwest city, you've probably never heard of Jake. Although a local fitness celebrity, he's always felt comfortable with his three local personal training studios and the ability to interface with his clients through 15-20 hand picked and trained personal trainers. However, as with much of the country, the recession wasn't kind to Jake's hometown so now Jake is going "Internet."


What makes Jake different? How many pages do you want to read? Jake isn't an ex-jock, or an over the top personality like you're used to seeing in successfull fitness gurus. Jake is not only an NSCA CSCS but has an MBA and a degree in mechanical enigneering (the human body really is the ulitmate machine!). As an educated professional who understands the demands most of you have on your time. He understands business trips and angry bosses.


He also understands the human body as the ultimate machine and the ultimate engineering challenge. He wasn't naturally fit and after years of studying health and fitness to optimize his OWN machine, he realized he knew more than many of the supposed experts. Jake started training people as a hobby over a decade ago, and a lot of people liked his real world approach to fitness, and the results his methods got. Before he knew it he was leaving a cushy, well paid senior engineering postition to open his first studio.


Five years, three studios, dozens of local newspaper articles, and almost a thousand clients later Jake was a local fitness guru looking for a new challenge.


So join Jake as he shows you how to have a better body than you ever thought possible!!