10 KEYS to Fitness


Books for Further Reading (After you've read Thinking Person's Guide to Fitness of course)


You may notice a lack of "foo foo" books by people like Richard Simmons or Susan Summers. It's not because I'm ignoring the needs of the non-hardcore trainers, it's because I don't believe that type of workout apply's to ANYONE. If you want a hard, strong, healthy, sexy body then you have to workout like the hard, strong, healthy, sexy people REALLY workout when they're not selling you an easy solution to a hard problem. Don't worry if you're new to this, order my book first. These books are for people who want to learn a little more on their own.


cover Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning

National Strength & Conditioning Association Training textbook.  Goes from basic anatomy and muscle function to exercise theory and program design.  GREAT for learning or reference. Yes, it's big, heavy and pricey, but if you really want to learn the fundamentals from top to bottom, this is the place. Definately not for everyone, but if you're a personal trainer and you HAVEN'T studied this book, you're probably not as good as you think you are. This isn't like most certification textbooks. This one is actually linked to RESEARCH!

cover Target Bodybuilding

Real MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) data on what exercises work which specific muscles. It sounds more technical than it really is. A uniquely interesting perspective on what works what.

cover Strength Training Anatomy

Great book showing full color drawings of each muscle and how each exercise works

cover Science and Practice of Strength Training

VERY technical and well done textbook using data from studies on elite Russian athletes. This is a revised version of a 20 year old book, and if you read it, you'll come to realize just how uneducated and out of touch most American trainers are!!

cover The Zone

I'm sure you've heard of the Zone Diet. This is where it all started.

cover Protein Power

More detailed information on the right way to eat for health and weight loss. Slightly more technical and detailed than the Zone and in many ways more accurate.

cover The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter & the Practitioner

Not many people can tolerate a genuine Ketogenic (zero carb) diet. For those who can and who want to learn more about the technical aspects of ketogenic dieting, this is THE book! Be prepared to think, as this is not an easy read!

cover Low Back Disorders

This is THE text on back pain and injury. It's long and a little technical in places, but if you want to know the REAL truth, this is where it's at. Stuart McGill PhD is a research scientist, NOT a physician, hence he is not subject to the completely unscientific dogma that your average physician will try to convince you of. This is the book other EXPERTS turn to when they need a reference! If you want the short (but accurate) version, it's in my book along with a LOT of other great stuff.

cover Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder  

 Arnold's autobiography. An interesting read.


Power to the People! : Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American

A VERY DIFFERENT approach to strength Training. If you're bored of what you're doing now, this may make a good changeup. Not really Russian secrets as much as the methods of one crazy Russian.


Fat Land

If you're open minded enough to know that sometimes our government does terrible things for what looks like good reasons, and you want to know the true history of why America eats the crap it eats, this is a GREAT book! It's an easy read and you'll learn things you'll never forget. Read my full review here.


Serious Strength Training

This book delves a lot deeper into to progamming and periodization than my book does. Tudor Bompa is a very well regarded name in the industry and applys research to his methods (a lot less common than you'd think :( I still recommend you read my book first so that much of this will be in proper perspective.


Speed Trap: Inside the Biggest Scandal in Olympic History

Do NOT read this book if you like your comfortable, safe world where the Olympics are pure and those cheating athletes are all evil. This is an AMAZING book, and from what I've been told by those who were there, pretty much the REAL TRUTH! I love this book so much that even though it's out of print and used copies are selling for $95, I'd never sell mine.


Body for Life

A program often put down by serious lifters, but is still a highly motivational piece for beginners. The basics are all there and there's nothing fundamentaly wrong with any of his programs. Still not as detailed as my book, but if you're looking for a motivational piece after reading Thinking Person's Guide then this may be a good read for you.