10 KEYS to Fitness


Recommended Exercise Equipment


It doesn't take a lot of expensive equipment to get in shape, either in the gym or at home. Some of the items below are just the basics but quality stuff that won't break on you (Powerblock Dumbbells) and some of it is cool stuff that will keep your workouts interesting. One thing you can always count on: If you buy it here it won't be useless fluff.


cover PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells

There are a lot of imitators to these great adjustable Dumbbells, but none that are as easy to use and as high quality. They come in many weight ranges, and although they may seem pricey, they cover a range of standard dumbbells that would cost ten times as much!

cover Manta Ray

Many people have trouble with a conventional squat either because the bar is uncomfortable on their shoulders, or because they don't have the range of motion to really grab onto the bar solidly. This simple piece of flexible plastic is a miracle for those who need it.

cover Chin-Up Bar

Chin-ups, pull-ups and their variations are simply the most useful upper body exercise. If you're like many people, you've tried all sorts of ways to mount a chin-up bar at home. You've ruined doors, had them fall, and generally spent as much time cursing them as getting any exercise. Not with this great device. It's sturdy and gives you all sorts of different exercise combinations!

cover Exercise Bands

Exercise Bands are used extensively in Physical Therapy for various reasons. They are not the best for general purpose workout due to the increasing resistance curve, however they're great to have around home for times when you just can't make it to the gym or are traveling. You can buy them separately here, but I like this complete set.

cover Swiss Balls

No, I don't want to turn you into one of those swiss ball dorks who wastes all their time doing crazy stuff on swiss balls, but they DO have their uses! If you're working out at home and have the room to store one, they're a helpful addition. The 65cm size is the most common, but you can also buy them in 75cm or 55cm. Don't forget the pump.

cover The Ultimate Push Up

I know you've seen these on the late night infomercials, and they do seem a little silly...until you try them! They're actually a great way to throw some variety into a standard push up. If you have shoulder issues, the ability to rotate your hands throughout the motion will help you stay pain free, and if you have injury free shoulders, they'll allow you to add range of motion.

cover Foam Roller

Foam Rollers are great for mobility work and self massage. I use one regularly. They come in all price ranges, but this is a good one that won't deform when you use it. I promise to write an article soon on these.

cover Grip Masters

Grip strength is an underrated part of fitness. Not only is it super useful in day to day tasks, but if you have a weak grip, all your other lifts will suffer. Don't resort to wrist straps while exercising. Fix the issue. These come in Light, Medium, and Heavy resistance.

cover Wrist Roller

What's the only part of your body that people see every day? Answer: Your forearms. Strong forearms are very useful in real life and for most guys, a sign of strength and fitness that you don't need to take your shirt off to show off. Other than heavy deadlifts, this is the best way I know to build powerfull looking forearms. You'll need to buy some cheap weights to go with this, but you won't need more than a couple pounds.

cover Weighted Vest  

 A lot of people will put weights on their wrists and ankles to make certain exercises tougher, which is not good for your joints. A weighted vest can make all sorts of activities into a new challenge. You can get a cheaper model here, but if you want one that is adjustable to fit your body and won't be uncomfortable, buy the one I use: X-Vest.


Boxing Mits

If you've got a partner to train with, boxing mits can be a great interval workout. Here's another style, as well as grappling gloves to go with them.