10 KEYS to Fitness


"Fitness is 95% Mental!!"


Yes, you've heard that before about a lot of topics, but it's because it's usually true. I've trained hundreds of people just like you, and I can tell who will be successful and who will fail just by talking to them. I don't need to take a single physical measurement, or work with them in the gym, I can tell by what they say (and hence, what's going on in their heads) whether or not they'll be successful in their fitness goals.


Point your BRAIN in the right direction for success. It's what I call the Psychology of Fitness and you've either got it, get it, or fail!


I Promise Not to Insult Your Intelligence!!


I know you can relate to this: When you search for information on fitness, I'm sure your familiar with the following.

  • Over exaggerated claims ("Rock hard ABS in 11 minutes a day!")
  • One size fits all exercise programs, each one purporting to be the "ONLY WAY TO GET FIT QUICK!"
  • Studies that have absolutely no applicability to you ("9 out of 10 rats that were fed this leaf from this rare plant grown only in the jungles of Brazil showed dramatic weight loss!")
  • Or simply not told the REAL truth ("The rats all died three weeks later.")

The fact is, there really is a better, research-based way to fitness. If you've come to this site, you're probably tired of the hype and gimmicks. You're ready to step up to a better way. You've realized that to be successful at something, you have to have a basic understanding of that subject matter.


But you don't WANT to become a fitness expert, and unfortunately, most of the fitness experts you turn to seem more like clowns than experts, or they don't seem to have experience with clients anything like yourself (assuming you're not a trained athlete or celebrity who has a private trainer, nutritionist, personal chef, etc., etc.). You're busy, and want to know how to get in shape or stay in shape AS EFFICIENTLY AS POSSIBLE!


I'm not saying it's going to be easy: (ie. "Ripped in 10 minutes a day!!") but it also shouldn't be more complicated than it needs to be. Currently, the most popular DVD exercise program is so time consuming, no one with a normal life will ever be able to maintain it long term. What good is that? Especially since most of the methods contained in these DVD's are overly complicated just for the sake of being complicated. You DO NOT NEED TO WORKOUT SIX HOURS A WEEK!!!!


Follow the methods I show you, and you'll be able to modify the workouts you find here to fit YOUR FITNESS GOALS. You'll be knowledgeable enough to recognize good fitness info from the BS, and you'll greatly reduce the time it takes you to get in shape and stay in shape!


Get The Book!


I've just released my ground breaking new book. I'm not talking about some cheesy 30 page internet "book" that's really nothing more than a glorified advertisement for more products, I'm talking about a real 300+ page BOOK that combines all I've learned over years of studying the "Philosophy of Fitness." This book is based on the thousands of hours I've spent with my nose buried in the latest research, combined with the experience of applying it on hundreds (perhaps over a thousand) real people just like yourself.

Thinking Person's Guide to Fitness