10 KEYS to Fitness


Sample Workouts


You'll notice this section is pretty sparse at present. This is intentional. Much of the workings of my workouts are dependant on understanding the material in my book. Since the book is relatively new, I'm hesitant to give out programs that may or may not make sense to someone who has yet to read the book. If you are interested in more workouts, please read the book and signup for the newsletter. There will be more to come.


- The Get Ripped for Summer Workout


Helpful Links


EXRX.net - Helpful site that I use for exercise demos. Also has a lot of misc. exercise info. Be careful though as some of the exercise examples use bad form, particularly in the lower back!!!


abcbodybuilding.com - more good exercise examples


menshealth.com/powertraining - some different exercises


fullfitness.net - more exercise descriptions


fitnesspartner/calorie calculator - Good calculator to find out how many calories you are using in a particular activity. Includes the calories you would burn anyway (more on this in my book).


sportsci.org - Peer reveiwed site for sports science research.


sportsinjuryclinic.net - Many useful stretches. Just make sure you're not overstretching your lower back with many of these if you have any issues at all (see book).


Brad Appleton's Stretching and Flexibility - Not a how to on specific stretches but a pretty thorough discussion on the technicalities of stretching.


ART (Active Release Technique) - Do you have a nagging sports injury that your MD can't do anything with? Try ART. Most professional sports teams have an ART specialist on staff. Personally, I'd go to my ART doc BEFORE my MD, but that's just me and I can't recommend that to you.


T-Nation - This site is pretty hard core and more than a little rough around the edges, but if you're looking for somewhere with free fitness information that ISN'T the typical politically correct nonsense, this is the place.


Personal Training Certifications and Schools

I'm only going to list the ones I have some respect for. There may be other good ones, but rarely did I interveiw a decent trainer who didn't have one of these