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I've resited the urge to put up any of the HUNDREDS of testimonials I've recieved from happy clients of my personal training business, as I want my book and web business to stand on it's own. Since it's new, this section is a bit small, but I'm getting requests for review copies every day, so hopefully it will fill up fast


Radio Interveiw with Monica Adams on CBS Affiliate KMOX St. Louis


A post interveiw comment from Monica:

"Your book is one I truly enjoy as a trainer and one that covers so many baffling questions."


Grady Harp - Amazon Top 10 Book Reviewer

Making Sense of All of the Noise About Fitness

Jake Nash writes the way we all would hope to be coached about physical fitness. In our Youth Oriented society it is difficult to read a newspaper or magazine or watch television commercial or absorb a passing billboard along the freeway that doesn't force feed the perfect six-pack abdomen, lack of tummy flab or love handles as being the goal of succeeding in life. Yes, each of us believes in the importance of good health and caring for our bodies as they are the only ones we will be given. But are all the very expensive and highly touted diet programs, gym memberships guaranteeing the perfect body if we sign on the line today, or even now the numerous billboards for lap band surgery, etc necessary to enter the realm of good condition?

Jake Nash speaks realistically. He is superb physical trainer who debunks the nonsense that glides so freely past our eyes and haunts our thoughts as we face the morning mirror. His approach to diet, exercise, workout, metabolic balance and achieving realistic goals is sound, supported by fine discussions of the pros and cons of all of the free-floating misinformation aimed at marketing 'New Youth', and explains his well-considered concepts in open language that not only reads well as a book, but also makes his input digestible and, more important, workable.

Likely everyone who read's Nash's book THE THINKING PERSON'S GUIDE TO FITNESS has read or listened to expensive books or CDs or trainer programs on DVDs. To those people who still have the 'maybe tomorrow' idea of getting in shape, or 'perhaps I'll first try colon cleansing or running marathons or joining line dancing clubs, or taking herbal diet aides' attitude, prepare to be addressed as an adult by an adult who in addition to being a solid thinking trainer and physical fitness expert also happens to write VERY well. This is a special book for special people who care about their corporal temple and their longevity Nash makes it all understandable and workable.


Dr. Nathan White - Physician and long time fitness advocate

I'm a practicing physician and fitness buff and I can say this: it's unbelievable the kind of nonsense that I have read in books and magazines, seen on TV infomercials and have heard being espoused at the gym! Anyone interested in becoming fit is going to have a difficult time wading through all this garbage to get to the truth about what makes a good exercise and diet program. Thankfully, Jake Nash has written a book that is easy to read and understand that can help anyone improve his or her fitness regime. The book is set up in 3 basic parts: Part I the Philosophy of Fitness discusses setting realistic goals, Part II Working Out discusses why resistance training is so important and discusses various methods as well as cardiovascular workouts, and Part III is about nutrition. Jake obviously has done his research, citing various studies to support his assertions. Due to his engineering/scientific backround, he has the intelligence to assess the quality and drawbacks of these studies as well. Where studies are inadequate, Jake is able to convey his personal experiences as a trainer. One refreshing aspect of this book is the balanced approach to his thoughts on the subject-so many fitness writers are so enamored with their "one and only workout program" that they lose the ability to consider that not everyone will benefit from their one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. This book doesn't promise that you'll live to be 100 if you workout or that you'll go from being obese to a bikini model in 7 weeks, but it is a terrific read for anyone looking to get the most out of their fitness program!